How To Choose Jeans For Your Body Type - Women’s Jeans Buying Guide

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4 min readJun 4, 2020
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Denim-made attire will never go out of fashion across the world, as the fabric is durable, rough to wear and makes you look smart and trendy. Not only men but women also love to wear denim-made clothing showing their curves in skinny jeans.

Men usually go with casual wear and choose slim or regular fit jeans while women are more cautious and opt for a skinny tight or slim fit that not only makes them look fit but also allows them to wear top dresses casually.

But many of them do not find the right jeans as per their body type, resulting in either getting alter trousers that make them look unappealing in jeans. Hence, here we brought a few tips for you to pick the right jeans for your body type.

Five Tips for Buying Women’s Jeans as per the Body Shape

1. Choose High Rise for Heavy Lower Body Types

If your upper thinner body is carrying heavier hips or thighs, go with high-rise jeans that will punctuate your waistline. Make sure to choose the jeans that taper towards the ankle lean to look more flattering on you compared to flared ones that can make your figure look bigger.

High-rise jeans are also perfect for women with upper body as they can comfortably fit on hips making your figure look fit and more attractive.

2. Go with Mid-rise for Heavy Upper Physique

If your upper physical structure is heavier than your lower, choose the mid-rise jeans that will suit you best. Though, you can also choose the high-rise but wide-legged, or boot-cut or flared to appear fit and stylish. But make sure not to buy extremely tight or skinny-fit jeans, instead pick slightly loose ones, otherwise, it will show you an extraordinary v-shaped body.

3. Mid/High-rise for Plus Size with Broad Curvy Frame

If you are a plus size or have a wide or curvy frame, you need mid or high-rise jeans mainly in black or navy blue shade, that will give you a well-structured figure. Pick out the fitting jeans with a stretchable fabric that will also help your leg look longer.

It doesn’t matter what’s your height, wearing such jeans will help you appear good-looking but make sure to choose the right crop top to cover your upper body without showing your belly.

4. Low and Mid-rise Works for Tall and Skinny Women

If you are tall and carrying a skinny body, then mid and low-rise will work best for you. If you choose flared jeans the outlined will give your physique an elongated frame. You can also try boyfriend and mom jeans tapered at the end that will add some tonnage to your frame as wearing such a style give a completely relaxed fit from hips to thighs.

5. Try Ankle-cropped or High-rise for Petite Body Type

If your body carries a petite frame it doesn’t mean you are skinny, instead, it indicates you are shorter, thin and can buy the kid’s size jeans for you. Though, it would be difficult to find the right length but the best part is that all types of silhouettes will appear flattered on you.

Whereas, if you want to look taller, go with ankle-cropped or high-rise jeans with 3/4th lengths that you can wear on high heels to walk in style and stay fashionable.

However, the aforesaid women’s jeans buying guide can help you to find the best one as per your body type. But always keep in mind that when you buy women’s jeans online, stretchy fabrics are universally flattering, and high-rises work for curvy women.

On the other hand, low-rises and baggy silhouettes are best suitable for skinny women and flared silhouettes help to add length for short and apple-body-sized women.

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